Dallas Barbershop chopping up free Mohawks to keep Deep Ellum OG

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DALLAS -- Walking down Main Street in Deep Ellum you might notice a sign that says "Complimentary Mohawks."

Yes, Blade Craft Barber Academy will slice you up the funky do for free.99!

Why, you ask?

“Why do I want a Mohawk?" asks Micheal McNeal. He's the proud owner of a new Fohawk, "Because it’s a symbol of modern day coolness.”

Oh, you meant to ask, why are they offering free Mohawks? “Just to be able to help out people who want a free haircut,” says Johnny Ortiz. (Or @The_BeardedBarber on Instagram.)

Also they offer them because practice makes perfect, and the students at the academy could use the extra challenge. “In this particular area, I think they are fairly popular,” says Ortiz as he points at McNeal. “People tend to have their own unique style, like he does.”

Oh, and also because Deep Ellum is, well… Deep Ellum.

McNeal says, “There is definitely like a artistic expression. Musicians who are down here, artists who are down here, and the Mohawk is a class for that style you know of the artist of musician type. And with me being a musician, it will fit really well.”

Yep. McNeal is one fo-hawking happy customer.

Maybe it’s a sign that you should get a fresh cut too!

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