Would you wear this designer Balenciaga shirt worth $1,290?

PARIS, FRANCE -- How much would you pay for one shirt? What about two shirts?

Well we can almost guarantee you won't pay $1,300 for two shirts sewn together, but Balenciaga has created just that and labeled it "fashion"!

It's called a "T-shirt Shirt" and the Spanish fashion line has it retailing for a whopping $1,290!

Get this, you can wear it short sleeve style with the long sleeve in the front, or wear the button down in the front with the t-shirt in the back like a cape!

If you're feeling fancy, they've got a collared version for almost $1,500!

The people of the interwebs are a little hung up on the price tag. So they decided to make their own version of the so-called fashion faux pas. The best part it: didn't cost a dime!

Either way, both of the official shirts are available for pre-order if you want to see what the hype is about.

Everyone's style is different, but most of us can agree that this isn't a fashion do. It's a fashion please don't!