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Starbucks temporarily closed for racial bias training, but will it work?

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GARLAND - Starbucks locations across the country shutdown for two hours today for diversity training after the company got blasted on social media for kicking out two African-American men while they waited on a friend last month.

"I don’t think it’s been a misunderstanding," said resident Monica Gibson said about the training. "This is not something new...segregation didn’t end that long ago. People that remember it, grandparents that remember it, so this is something that needed to be done a long time ago."

Now the question is…will two hours of racial bias training do the trick in reversing the effects of nearly 400 years worth of deep rooted issues?

Gibson says she's still skeptical.

"You still have videos today of people being racially profiled, followed around the stores, when they’ve done nothing wrong," she said. "You should do more sensitivity training because they will treat POC people differently than they would white people, and that needs an entire day, not just two hours of them talking."

Even though Gibson doesn't think this will solve all of the problems, she says at least it’ll be a move towards finding the right answer.

"At least they’re trying, because some places aren’t doing anything at all," Gibson said. "They’re just ignoring the problem. At least they’re acknowledging the problem and making a difference."

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