New ‘Active Shooter’ video game lets you shoot up a school

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BELLEVUE, WA -- One school shooting is too many, which is why it should be no surprise that the last thing parents want is for a new game, called "Active Shooter," to be released to the public.

The game lets players take the role of a school shooter or be a part of the defense team, but many parents are saying the content is far too sensitive given the severity of what has happened this year.

Seattle mother, Stephanie Robinett, has started a petition to put an end to the game that is set to be released June 6th on the gaming platform Steam. Just days after being created, the petition already has over 100,000 signatures.

"How could anyone think this is okay? It's not okay to do it in a school and any reasonable company should know that," Robinett said. "I want them to pull the game simple."

The Dallas Police Association also say they are urging the public to avoid the game and call on the makers to cancel its release.

"This game, along with other games that glorify shooting people in a massacre kind of style, we have got to draw the line somewhere," Michael Mata, President of DPA, said. "We're just barely getting over burying these children, and you're not affecting just kids, you're affecting families."

The game developer named 'Revived Games' say they believe "violence and inappropriate actions belong in video games and not [the] real world." The game's publisher, a Russian own company called 'Acid,' says they're reconsidering allowing gamers to play the role of the shooter after receiving so much criticism .

People have already taken to Twitter to give their opinion on the game, including Ryan Petty, a father who lost his daughter in the Parkland shooting,

And Florida Senator, Bill Nelson, who stated in a post that the company, "should be ashamed of itself."

So far there has been no talk from the developers of stopping the game's release, as backlash continues to pour in.

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