Men are better at navigating, new study says

SANTA BARBARA, CA -- It's the age-old fight! Who are the better drivers, Men or women? We may never have a definitive answer.

However, we are a step closer as psychologists at the University Of California at Santa Barbara say men are the best at navigating.

The psychology department said it's because men take more shortcuts than women.

The experiment was conducted with more than 150 participants who navigated through a computer maze to reach designated locations. They also had to answer several questions about their sense of direction.

"In both experiments, men were significantly more efficient than women, even after controlling for the effects of strategy," graduate student Alexander Boone said in a press release.

So, that seems to be a clear "L" for the ladies. After all, we all know that men tend to be better things like at video games.

Boone says there still needs to be a real life experiment to support the theory.

That's right! There's a chance women can redeem themselves!