Former Dallas cop pleads guilty for 2013 shooting of man in car

DALLAS--You might remember the video from 2013. An officer got into a stolen car that was still moving after the driver jumped out.

She fired a shot that hit the stolen car's passenger, Kelvion Walker.

the officer was fired almost immediately, but it's taken 'til now for her criminal case to end. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the shooting and got probation for a year and a half.

"Eighteen months is really not nothing, but, you know, I will live with this forever," Walker said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon. "I will wake up to these scars every day, and be reminded of it every day."

Walker had several operations for his injuries.

"Today was a good day, positive step in the right direction that she's finally accepted responsibility for having shot Kelvion while he was sitting in that car with his hands up," said Geoff Henley, Walker's attorney.

Kelvion Walker still has a civil rights case against the former cop.