Historic Fort Worth music store Record Town closing after 61 years

FORT WORTH--After 61 years at the same location Record Town is closing its doors and moving to a new location.

The shop first opened back in 1957 by owners Sumter Bruton, Jr. and his wife Kathleen on the block South University Drive in Fort Worth, but after years in the business they have sold their store to long time customers Bill Mecke and Tom Reynolds.

"It's a historical landmark so we definitely want to preserve their historical landmark," Bill Mecke said.

But the Burtons won't be too removed from their business, they'll retain an ownership stake in the store. Record Town is the third oldest record store in the state. So what made Record Town so unique? Well, it was the go-to place for music lovers! Carrying vintage music staples like vinyls, cassettes and even 45's and 78's.

"Vinyl records have made a massive combat in the last several years  and people are collecting. We got some amazing albums, vinyl albums," Mecke said.

So follow the music! The new store will be moving to Fort Worth's Southside neighborhood.