Bag of soggy, wet socks make their way into White House briefing room

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- It seems someone in the White House decided to skip laundry day after dirty socks were discovered in the briefing room.

Not to be confused with Socks Clinton, the beloved cat of former president Bill Clinton.

About a week ago, the dingy footwear was found by White House correspondent, Saagar Enjeti, zipped up in a bag, soggy and wet.

To his surprise, a few days later, they were still there just slightly shifted.

On Thursday Enjeti posted a tweet saying the socks had "become crusty and moved approximately two inches in the last two days."

He says he originally noticed them on a rainy day, which is most likely the reason they're soaked.

However, there's till no answers as to who, or what, owns the mysterious bag of toe slippers.

But obviously whoever they belong to isn't in hurry to find them.

Hope no one on the White House staff gets cold feet.

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