Strangers returns 2 of Dallas woman’s stolen dogs

DALLAS-- Remember Trish Rogers? Last week we told her heartbreaking story.

Someone broke into her Dallas home and stole her three Yorkies.

Rogers was doing everything possible to get them back, and there is now some good news!

She got an anonymous call from a man who said he bought two of her dogs for $1,400 dollars. "I never thought I would see them again, I am so grateful that they are home," says Rogers.

They met up in a Walmart parking lot, and she gave him a few hundred dollars in reward money. "He didn't want the police involved he heard a siren," says Rogers. "I said they are not with me, I am by myself."

Rogers says she's thankful for his good heart, however there is still a hole in her heart... and extra reward money for whoever brings back her third pup, chigger. "No police, no nothing, they have enough to worry about, but I am not going to stop until chigger comes home."

If you have information, you can call 214-356-3940.