Simon Says: You Need a Support Pig on a Plane? I’ll Give You the ‘Bird!’

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All of us need a little emotional support these days, but a peacock or a pig on your flight?

That’s what some people say they needed to get through the stress of flying somewhere. Now, small cuddly things can be necessary to get through the stress of sitting next to a stranger who’s strange, but the peacock and the pig, are the kind things that have finally forced airlines to change their “support” animal policies.

So it now means, someone with a real disability, maybe “Shih Tzu” out of luck if they want to bring their pup on a plane.

I’m sick of this because it’s another example of people who tried to cut corners and then ruin it for the rest of us.

Corner cutters aren’t just at the airport.

They’ve ruined it for everyone at Disney World by claiming “fake disabilities” and now the rules have changed.

It’s parent who spends thousands of dollars for their kid to get a diagnosis so they can get more time on the SAT.

THAT really bothers me. Because one day, a kid who really needs the accommodation on the test may not get it.

Those Corner Cutters are narcissistic, callous, not honest and psychopaths. Not my words, someone actually studied this.

So, we all can agree corner cutters are kind of worthless. You know ‘em, and you’ve probably voted for some of them.

If you cut your corners, think about all the time and preparation it took you to get your way. Imagine if you put that kind of effort into doing things the right way in life.

A friend of mine once gave me advice. He said there are two kinds of people: those living in the corners, working hard at not working. And those inside, busting their butt and getting stuff done.

So, for those of you living in the “corners” go ahead, make my day." Try and cut your way through life and bring your peacock on my next flight.

You may be looking for emotional support, but we all just want to give you the bird.

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