Got $15 million? You may be able to scoop up this prime lot in Highland Park

DALLAS- There's a vacant lot for sale off of Lakeside Drive, and you could own all this grass for just $15 million.

"You've got an empty lot, living in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas" said real estate broker Susan Keiser. "What an opportunity that is!"

This spot offers you the chance to live large in Highland Park, and believe it or not, Keiser says $15 million is actually a reasonable price for this neighborhood and location.

"That's where the price comes from," Keiser said. "The opportunity to have the lot and build your dream home and live in one of the most prestigious areas of Dallas. My guess is that someone's going to pay it. I'm sure they carefully priced that lot knowing what people are going to pay."

Zillow dropped a report this week showing, in the past year, home values in Dallas have risen at rate faster than anytime in the past decade.

Now might just be the time to invest.

Better get your coins in order!