FBI launches campaign as warning of consequences for “hoax threats”

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Making a threat toward anyone almost never has a good ending, but now the FBI is reminding everyone,  especially students, that making empty threats can get you put behind bars for up to five years.

In the wake of the Santa Fe shooting, the tragedy that happened in Parkland, Florida, and other shootings, the FBI is taking action to put an end to another problem that tends follow these events: "hoax threats."

With the launch of the #ThinkBeforeYouPost campaign, the goal is stop the increase of fake threats that target schools and other public places after an already devastating situation takes place.

Most of the threats come in through texts, social media, or e-mail,  all of which are considered a federal crime .

The FBI Chicago office created a PSA back in September, using a college student who made a "hoax threat" as an example of what could happen.

Not only did he cause the school to go into lockdown, the student was arrested and accused of making a terroristic threat.

Point proven.

Hey we already have enough worry about, so leave the threats out of it!

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