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Actress Brittany Snow helps launch Fruit Tree Project’s second year

You might see a new hashtag popping up on your social media feeds soon. We partnered with VitaFusion to bring you the story behind #fruittreepose -- and it's for a good cause.

It's an initiative aimed at helping communities impacted by natural disasters. Actress Brittany Snow has partnered with Vitafusion to launch the second year of their 'Fruit Tree Project.'

The official start of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is just a week away. This, as parts of south Florida, southeast Texas, and Puerto Rico still work to recover from last year's hurricanes that had such a negative impact on their communities.

We talk about the destruction of homes, infrastructure and businesses, but something that doesn't always make the top headlines is the damage to crops and fruit trees.

"I grew up around orange trees and orchards and things like that," Brittany Snow, the actress known most recently for her work on the Pitch Perfect movies, said.

A native of Florida, when Snow learned how many fruit trees were uprooted or damaged during Hurricane Irma, she had to get involved. "I don't know what my childhood would have been like if I hadn't grown up with all of that fresh fruit and things like that. So yeah, it's really important that we actually rebuild these communities and these orchards," she said.

Her goal? To plant over 200,000 trees in communities in need by 2020.

"Because low income communities, they don't have the proper wherewithal of getting their food. This is really important because this fruit goes to soup kitchens and different things where people can actually get the nutrition that they need," she said. "Not only eating that, but also working together and rebuilding communities and making sure that everyone comes together and really impacts and makes a difference."

And you can help, too.

"You can #fruittreepose and take a picture of yourself doing a yoga pose, or take a picture of a tree, or whatever you want to do. And VitaFusion Fruit Tree will plant a tree for you, on your behalf. So, for every hashtag hashed, a fruit tree will be planted," Snow said.

To get involved or find out more, visit

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