Democratic candidate Lupe Valdez makes history

NORTH TEXAS -- Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez made history Tuesday night.

"We are ready for a positive Texas," Valdez said. "We are ready to move ahead, to have a good change to Texas, and everywhere we go that is the message we hear. That's the message we continue to hear is we are ready for change."

She became the first Latina and openly gay candidate for governor. She beat Andrew White for the Democratic nomination and will go head-to-head with Republican governor Greg Abbott this fall. White, the son of former Texas governor Mark White went on Twitter to congratulate Valdez on her victory saying, "She has my endorsement and support."

"I'm ready to help in anyway I can to give Greg Abbott an early retirement party," White said. "It's our year and even here in Texas it's going to be our year. Lupe has my well wishes to put together a winning campaign."

She faces a tough battle against Abbott in November. Texas is in the red, voters haven't elected a Democrat for governor in nearly 30 years! Abbott has already raised more than $40 million dollars for his re-election campaign. So far, Valdez raised about $200 thousand. She won despite losing the support of some Hispanic activist over her record on immigration as Dallas sheriff. If elected, Valdez would be the nations first lesbian, Latina governor.

Her win coincided with another historic nomination in Georgia, where Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams became the first black woman to be nominated for governor.