The Real Thing? Is former Secretary of State Kerry headed to prison?

When President Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of a nuclear deal with Iran, it sparked outrage in Iran.

And apparently, former Secretary of State John Kerry was somehow involved.

Stories online said "John Kerry facing prison after interfering with Iran."

And one U.S. representative's Twitter page accused Kerry of violating the "Logan Act."

The Logan Act dates back more than 200 years. It prohibits anyone from interfering with American negotiations with another country. In all that time, no one has ever been convicted of it.

But some people think John Kerry should be the first. He helped put together the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement when he was Secretary of State. Recently he met with Iran's foreign minister about the U.S. pullout.

Kerry's supporters say he was trying to get Iran to continue to abide by the treaty, even if the U.S. pulled out, probably not a Logan Act violation.

And the people complaining better watch out. Back in 2015, when the Iran deal was first negotiated by the Obama administration.,47 Republican senators sent an open letter to the Iranian government trying to discourage the deal.

By the way, we found the "Kerry to prison" story on

That site has been around for less than a year and all of its registration information is kept private, so you can't really tell who is behind the story.

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