Lupe Valdez wins Texas primary, will face Gov. Abbott in November

NORTH TEXAS — Democrats headed to the polls Tuesday for a statewide runoff in the gubernatorial race between former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Houston businessman Andrew White. Since the polls closed, it’s been close with Valdez holding a narrow lead. And in the end, that’s the way it ended: Lupe Valdez walked away with the win and will face Governor Greg Abbott in the general election in November.

Turnout is low, which isn’t too surprising for runoff elections.

Besides the gubernatorial race, there were 17 U.S. House races that went to a runoff. Several were in North Texas including:

  • U.S. House District 3 (Democrat runoff)
  • U.S. House District 5 (Republican runoff)
  • U.S. House District 6 (Democrat and Republican runoff)
  • U.S. House District 32 (Democrat runoff)

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