Rowlett police want drug dealers to rat out each other in social media post

ROWLETT -- You know what they say about snitches!

The Rowlett Police Department wants the community, or rather certain members of the community, to do just that: tattle on a drug dealer!

Rowlett PD's getting a lot of attention on this post:

"We've had it up for one week and we've already had 50,000 views on Facebook and over 90,000 Twitter views," Detective Cruz Hernandez from the Rowlett Police Department said.

The officer who started it all got the idea from another police department and put a little competitive spin on it by trying to get drug dealers to turn on each other!

But it's got some of social media wondering...

You can rest easy, it's all anonymous and police can't make any arrests until they do an investigation.

"Right now, social media is a good way to communicate with your citizens, but even though he put the spin on it, you don't have to be a drug dealer to provide the tip. You can remain anonymous," Hernandez said.

So this could all be a fun way to report a troublemaker in your streets, just don't give too much away and get yourself busted in the process!