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Migraine Miracle? New drug could prevent those headaches

Many treatments for migraines focus on getting rid of the headache after it has started. But what if you could avoid a migraine altogether?

That's the promise of a groundbreaking new drug called Aimovig. The FDA just approved it in the past few days.

"This is an original," said Dr. Micahel Ament, a headache specialist. "An original and a first, we've never had a prevention drug designed for migraines."

Patients would give themselves monthly injections of the drug which should reduce the number of migraines they have.

Aimovig blocks a molecule that allows migraines to develop.

But Dr. Ament says it's still important for people to avoid any known triggers for their migraines, like red wine, some cheeses, certain meats, even specific weather conditions.

"It's devilish. It's hard for people to know, can they have that glass of red wine, does the weather front mean I can't go to the park," he said. "Their whole lives are affected and so are their spouses and their families'."

Still, he says a treatment like this is long overdue.

"It might give you some more control and help you get your life back," he said.

Aimovig requires a prescription. And it's expensive--about $575 a month.

Insurance companies haven't said whether they'll cover it, but the manufacturer plans to have a program to help patients with the cost.

And for some who are dealing with migraines, help is priceless.

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