Dallas organization: don’t stop the sex trafficking conversation

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DALLAS--If you stop into the conference room of Traffick 911, you'll see a wall full of framed letters that you can tell were written by children.

You notice the bright colors and the adorable drawings. What might take you by surprise are the words written in the letters.

“It’s hard to understand why some people use people like they use shoes,” one young girl writes. “I wonder if they really understand that when this child was little, they were abused.”

The authors of the letters are girls around 12 or 13 years-young who’ve been rescued by the Dallas non-profit.

"Being trafficked isn’t a choice," says another victim. "I don’t think a young girl, kid woke up one day and decided to sleep with multiple men and get no pay."

“I think it’s easy not to see it, because of the internet, the marketing of it, a human being for sex, text messages and the way the transactions are set up," says Traffick 911 CEO George Lynch.

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This is why we do what we do. #prevention #freeouryouth

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While it may be invisible to you, thousands of children in Dallas alone are being sold for sex online.

“And these are the fortunate kids who are being rescued by law enforcement,”  Lynch says the state of Texas is beginning to take a stab at the problem.

Lynch says it’s major good news that the government has shut down Backpage.com and that Reddit and Craigslist removed sections where humans, including children,  were being sold for sex.

But with the major publicity that’s received, don’t get the wrong idea.

The fight to free those stuck in sex trafficking is far from over. "And that happens because there is a demand, people are willing to buy a teenager,” Lynch says.

As long as there is an appetite for teenagers the problem will continue.

Letters like these will continue to fill the walls of the community.

And hopefully so will more posts like this one.

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