AT&T spends $100 million to revamp downtown Dallas headquarters

DALLAS -- AT&T has new plans up their sleeve, and this time it includes Dallas.

The world's largest telecommunications company says construction is underway to revamp its headquarters in the downtown discovery area.

"Our goal is to activate this space, to turn it inside out and welcome the public in," Mike Peterson, Regional Vice President at AT&T, said. "We'll also have an iconic art piece that's interactive and technology driven that will also help draw people into this campus."

Peterson says they plan to cover about 44,000 square feet with green space, fountains, entertainment, restaurants, and more.

And how much is a project like this going to cost? Just a measly $100 million.

Along with the entertainment portion, the company is also bringing a new store to showcase its latest features, which will be displayed to the world on a digital wall on the outside of the building.

"We expect this could take 18 months to complete, so we're looking at somewhere around the end of 2019 when the complete project is finished," said Peterson.

Who knows, this may be exactly what the downtown area needs to inject a bit more life into the area.