Cuba plane crash- worst aviation disaster in three decades

HAVANA, CUBA-- It's considered the worst aviation disaster in three decades.

Cuban officials are investigating a plane crash that left more than 100 people dead. Only three survivors have been accounted for, they are said to be women ranging from ages 18 to 39, all are in critical condition at this time.

The aircraft took off from Havana's main airport, Jose Marti and was headed to the city of Holguin in eastern Cuba that's when the plane came down shortly take off and exploded in a field. The aftermath are scenes  showing the front of the plane mangled among trees and debris scattered around this field.

The Boeing 737 was built in 1979 and was leased to Cuban airline by a Mexican company - known as Global Air. A representative from the company said  "There is still no information, we are gathering what we can to give correct information. "

Mexican investigators are traveling to Cuba to participate in the investigation. No doubt there are still so many questions that need answers.