‘Why are black people so loud?’ SMU gets backlash on cultural survey

DALLAS - A university survey meant to strengthen the cultural intelligence of students on Dallas' Southern Methodist University campus is now getting some backlash. SMU is making a change after receiving feedback from people saying they don't like the questions being asked.

We're talking about questions like 'Why are black people so loud?' and 'Do black people hate America?' The survey was created by Maria Dixon Hall, according to The Dallas Morning News, and is charge of SMU's Cultural Intelligence Initiative. Hall says the survey was first released back in November, but is just now catching people's attention.

She says the survey is meant to answer questions students have about other racial groups, things they really want to be know, but don't want to ask. Hall took down the survey after it was being answered by people who are not SMU students.

The university plans to put out another survey soon, but this time on SMU servers where only students with a login can access it.