Police arrest man for fires at Fort Worth’s Hulen Mall

FORT WORTH-- "There is nobody else we are looking for at this time, there is no danger to the public and that's what we wanted to stress right now," Sgt. Chris Britt of Fort Worth Police Department said.

A suspect is in custody after another Molotov Cocktail is set on fire at Huelen Mall that caused the entire mall to evacuate. The man arrested for the crime, Craig Michael Tezeno of Fort Worth, was found shortly after he lit the fire at the mall Friday morning in the women's shoe section of Sears department store.

After the arrest  officers conducted a sweep of the mall making sure Tezeno did not leave anything else behind. Thankfully, they didn't find any more surprises.

"It is clear and safe now to reopen the mall at this time," Sgt. Britt said.

46-year-old Tezeno is also the prime suspect for last week's fire that broke out at the same mall. No one was injured in either incident.