Simon Says: A marriage proposal: spend on a party or take the money instead?

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I know someone getting goosebumps over Harry and Meghan.

Is it just me?  But I’ve been hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for so long now, it feels like they already got married.

Most estimates have the wedding tab in the low 40’--that’s millions! Taxpayers are covering security costs.

Still, imagine how far the money spent on the wedding would go to help the 130,000 homeless kids in the UK.

There’s a hunger all right for anything with these two.  It’s become a cottage industry. There’s nothing like a spot of tea in my Harry and Meghan mug.

All this got me thinking?  Weddings are expensive. An average one is over $30,000.

I’m sure you or someone you know planning a wedding had a parent make this offer: Why spend so much on a party? Take the money instead!

It’s a battle between a “feeling” or a “foundation."  You know, the party gives you instant gratification, but the money can give you a huge head start for the future.

Getting married can be like my favorite candy.  What’s sweeter?  Satisfying the Now?  Or thinking about what’s coming later?

You get a sense we’re living in a time when most of us are living for the party right now!   No one saves money like they used to.

Did you get that live now pay later feeling with all those recent tax cuts?

It’s hard to think how you’ll feel 20 years from now when you could feel amazing right now.

But ask yourself: how many people do you know who would kill to have the $30,000 spent on their wedding sitting in the bank right now, with interest, instead of a photo album they barely look at.

This shouldn’t shock you. Money issues will ruin a marriage.  OK, Harry and Meghan won’t have those kinds of issues.

But remember: making the wrong decision about life now verses life later, could end up being a be a royal pain in the butt.


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