Rules about cellphones more relaxed at this year`s Byron Nelson Tournament

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DALLAS-- Rules regarding cellphones at this year's Byron Nelson are more relaxed than they have been in the past.

You will still need to have your phone on silent at all times, however, you can now take a selfie out on the green. You can also shoot video as long as it’s not live.

Where you’re going to want to use some common sense though, taking that phone call. While you are able to carry on a conversation in designated areas, just don’t be “that” guy.

There is also a new location for the tournament this year, and a new course means a new parking situation.

“Las Colinas was a little bit difficult for me to get to, this was very convenient for me,” one person parking said.

“Free parking, that’s a big plus,” another said.

People  don’t seem to mind that the parking lot is 10 miles from the action.

“I was a little skeptical about coming to Fair Park and taking a shuttle," a pleased attendee said, "but it was a breeze, we had absolutely no wait coming back from the tournament, and I was a little worried about that.”

If you’re having some trouble figuring out what’s going on at the tournament, there a bit more good news. You’re now able text away or use Google wherever you want. That sure is a-hole-in-one for some of you iPhone addicts out there.

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