Man quits job with a rap in the middle of restaurant

KANSAS CITY, MO -- Talk about leaving in an orderly fashion, one man decided to quit at a Missouri Popeyes with an impromptu song.

Right in the middle of a busy day, Cedrick Workuff, walked into the restaurant, mic in hand, song ready to go!

"So I got an announcement. I'm quitting my job today," Workcuff said. He continued to sing, "I found a better job. Man, I'm gone, y'all. See y'all never. I don't really want to work here no more!"

The video has since gone viral, but what most people don't know is that Workcuff didn't really work at Popeyes!

He says he did it to "spread positivity and make people laugh."

But it was no laughing matter for a Michigan woman working at an engineering company who lost her job after trying to give brownies to a departing employee.

There was just one problem; they were laced with laxatives.

Another employee tipped off their management when they found out, who later got the police involved.

No one ate the brownies, so the woman wasn't charged, but she was fired. However, authorities did say if anyone had taken a bite, it could have been considered a criminal act.