Dallas Police have a ‘quiet room’ dedicated for employees under stress

DALLAS -- The panic and fright a person has when they call 911 can not only be nerve-racking for them, but also for the person on the other end of the line.

It's a part of a 911 dispatcher's job to deal with high stress calls, but after the call is over, adrenaline and mental stress can really take a toll.

So, the Dallas Police Department created a place they are calling the "quiet room." It's stocked with calming oils, lounge chairs, and peaceful paintings.

"Some of these calls get really stressful, and you just have to have somewhere to go. Before it was like just go to the garage or something you know. And now we have a place of own, " Dallas dispatcher Abigail Irizarry said.

The purpose of the room is to give employees a place to decompress.

Dallas 911 has come under fire in the past with calls not going through or callers being kept on hold. Although things are better now, that doesn't take away from the emotional chaos a dispatcher may go through.

So for these often unsung heroes, a little goes a long way as they continue to do their part to help so many people.