’13 Reasons Why’ comes to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas

DALLAS- Last year, critics said the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" glorified suicide when the show depicted a teenage girl killing herself, and leaving cassette tapes explaining her death for kids at her school.

Now the series is back at it for season 2, and they're marketing right here at Klyde Warren Park.

"I think the problem is, often times with Hollywood and the production companies is that they sensationalize pretty important issues that need to be talked about addressed, but they create this drama with the education associated with it," said Dr. David Henderson, a psychiatrist at Four Stones Group.

A nationwide social media campaign is inviting viewers across the country to find the displays and "face the truth."

But some are questioning if this is the best way to publicly discuss such a sensitive topic.

"People who are producing the show and advertising the show have an actual ethical, maybe even moral obligation, to be selective in how they market the product," Henderson said.

Season two is set to drop tomorrow on Netflix, and experts like Dr. Henderson say, if you're planning to watch, just make sure you know your limits.

"If you do decide to watch the show, couple it with education about what resources are available out there," Dr. Henderson said.