Multiple people dead after storm tears through Northeast

EAST COAST -- Here in Texas it may feel like the middle of summer, even the official start of it is still about a month away, but for those in the northeast it's still feeling and acting very much like spring.

On Tuesday, a raging storm blew through the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern states claiming the lives of at least 2 people.

One of those people was a man trying to wait out the storm in his truck but was killed by a falling tree, and the other was an 11-year-old girl also killed by a tree crushing the car she was in.

Fortunately for a man from Pittsburgh, luck was on his side after he realized a tree fell right next to his truck, trapping him.

"I was afraid to get out of the truck. I didn't know if it was coming through the truck or whatever. I couldn't get out my door," Alan Free said.

There were also reports of a tornado tearing through Massachusetts into Pennsylvania and reaching parts of Virginia.

The storm brought with it large size hail and high winds, which reached estimated speeds of 150-miles-per-hour which has left many people without power.

"I was at home earlier and was just watching a movie on Netflix. All of a sudden the power went out, the whole house went dark. I kind of figured it wasn't going to be on for a while." Charity Anderson, Virginia Resident, said.

Over 100 National Guard members are on their way to help with recovery, but residents there aren`t out of the woods yet; there is still a threat of flooding. Until then travel is nearly at a stand still and the crowds are piling up.