Dallas high school officials say 25-year-old posed as Hurricane Harvey victim to play basketball

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DALLAS -- A Dallas high school has thrown out a student who shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

25-year-old Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley had already graduated from a Mesquite high school a few years ago.

“It was almost impossible for this to happen, had it not been for Hurricane Harvey," says Dallas IDS Superintendent, Dr. Michael Hinojosa. He says that Gilstrap-Portley wanted to relive his athletic glory days, so he pretended to be a Hurricane Harvey victim and re-enrolled in high school.

The district says they try to be sensitive to homeless students, which they say Gilstrap-Protley was also claiming to be.

“You couldn’t actually script that, somehow it fell into his lap that he was able to pull that off," Hinojosa says.

So, they let him attend Skyline High School, then transferred him  to Hillcrest High School.

Gilstrap-Portley was kicked out, arrested, and is facing felony charges. He's accused of having a relationship with one of those 14-year-old students.

“You have a 25-year-old man with 14-year-old girls in a high school, that’s not appropriate,” Hinojosa said.

The district plans to look into and tighten up their policies when it comes to homeless or hurricane victim students.

“We apologize for this situation, there is no excuse for it, we do think it is a very rare anomaly, and we do want you to tell your students if you see something, say something, is there is something we need to know, if something looks inappropriate, doesn’t look nice, tell an adult and we will look into it,” said Hinojosa.

For now, the district is leaving the future of Gilstrap-Portley in law enforcement’s hands.

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