Arlington man walks out to guns drawn by police after ‘swatting’ prank call

ARLINGTON-- Imagine yourself in your home minding your business and a swat team shows up to your door and forces you outside with your hands up.

Well that's what happened to one Arlington man after a 911 call in April.

Fawad Ameen and his sister were forced out of their home to guns drawn in their faces.

"There were a lot of officers, we were just shocked. We didn't know what was going on. We were confused," Ameen said.

"Obviously a call like that is a very high priority. We sent upwards of about 15 different police units fire and EMS because it's a shooting call. Our first priority obviously is to render aide to the shooting victim and to make the scene safe," Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook said.

This time, there was no scene.

They came inside, they checked the house. They kind of figured that nothing like that ever happened. We didn't shoot nobody, we didn't kill no one. They told us, 'hey, it looks like you guys are the victims'," Ameen said.

This type of call is what police refer to as swatting. In this case, it seems this call might have escalated from a smaller prank.

What's worst of all, investigators may never find the caller.

"This person who potentially could be overseas, we don't really know his whereabouts, spoofed their phone number at their residence and made it look like the 911 call was coming from that location," Lt. Cook said.

Now, that's the kind of phone tag no one wants to play.