The Real Thing? Stories say California could ban bibles

Religious freedom's under attack according to a story that's filling Facebook feeds everywhere.

The headline says: "California to ban the sale of Bibles?"

The story's about conversion therapy, which supporters claim can turn a gay person straight, even though the American Medical Association and other medical and mental health organizations oppose it, claiming it's not effective and can even cause psychological harm.

The story says: "Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an `unlawful business practice...' to advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in `sexual orientation change efforts with an individual,' in a quote from National Review.

Well, the National Review's story does say that, complaining about the bill as an attack on free speech and religious freedom. It doesn't say a word about banning the bible.

So where does the Conservative Tribune get that?

The story breaks down the bill, claiming anything that can be seen as trying to impact a person`s sexual orientation would be illegal to sell or offer.

This would almost certainly include traditional Christian counseling services and books, the story says.

The author of the bill, Democrat Evan Lowe, says that's just not true. He says, "People will still be able to preach about changing sexual orientation but cannot advertise or sell conversion therapy."

So there's no big push to ban Bible sales in California.

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