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The mini-horse is okay, but the hedgehog’s got to go! American Airlines refines list of pets allowed onboard

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DALLAS - Before you pack up and head to the airport, you'd better take a look at this updated list of support pets that can't chill with you in the cabin on American Airlines.

Goats, insects, hedgehogs, pigs and amphibians are included on the forbidden animals list based on the new rules.

But, if you need a service dog or mini horse, you're still good!

"A service animal is a dog or miniature horse that is basic obedience trained, potty trained, and task trained for someone's disability," said Amanda Pratt, the owner and a trainer at Scout's Legacy Service Dogs.

There have been some complaints about emotional support animals acting out on flights, but Pratt says those are completely different from service animals.

"Those are two very different animals," Pratt said. "Emotional support animals are not fully task-trained. They're just there for comfort. They do have to be under control, they do have to have some kind of training if they're a dog or something like that."

While many critics believe  pets on planes have gotten out of hand, Pratt says it's important to remember the people who truly need them. The best way for everyone to have a comfortable flight, is to play by the rules.

"The ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act) actually has standards, for emotional support animals, they have standards for service dogs, and they have the right to remove that dog before they enter the flight," Pratt said. "The best thing they can do is follow the standards that are already written."

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