Rainbow colored bench in Canada sparks conversation on homelessness

CALGARY, CANADA-- A colorful bench in Canada has sparked a big discussion on inclusiveness that most people never even consider.

Isaac Azuelos tweeted this photo with the caption: "When you're inclusive but still hate the poor."

Most people don't get it at first glance, but he's referring to the separating bars that he says discourages safe space for homeless people to sleep.

While many joined the conversation echoing the same tone and sharing photos of other benches around the world, the conversation really kicked up after the officials from the organization reached out to Azuelos.

In a screenshot, the organization that owns the bench reached out to "shed some light on the appearance of the bench."

In the response it said, in part: "The intent was not to institute or uphold the principles of hostile or exclusionary design; as it was a much appreciated gift."

There's more!

There's an entire organization committed to bringing awareness to this very subject. Hostiledesign.org allows people to buy stickers to place on public spaces that are difficult for people to sit or lie on.

We'll just have to see if these concepts will ever get benched!