Here are some custom license plates you won’t be seeing on Texas roads!

DALLAS — It`s no secret people in Texas sure do love their custom plates!

You can express yourself for around $50!

But, watch your mouth.

Thousands of ideas are turned down every year by the Texas DMV. Here are a few that you may find comical.

For some reason, a few drivers really wanted to call others on the road nerds.

The seemingly fan favorite is anything having to do with weed.

To be fair, this one could possibly have been a pharmacist…

The DMV seems to be over your mama jokes, as well as the driver who probably just bought a Tesla.

There are also a few people who seem to be mad at politicians.

While you might agree with this one, the DMV found it inappropriate.

A long list of Texas code allows employees to say no to anything that`s indecent, misleading, vulgar, derogatory, illegal, or implies something violent.

Yeah, so this one is out for sure.