Dallas school teaches students how to farm and help others in need

DALLAS -- A school in Dallas is taking the meaning of education to a whole new level.

Moss Haven Elementary School launched "Moss Haven Farm," which is a farm that provides students a unique, hands-in-the-dirt learning opportunity on, well, farming.

"We have 32 raised beds," said director of Moss Haven Farm Kim Aman. "We have a giving garden field. We have a native area. We have a pocket prairie that would emulate what it would be like in Dallas if we had prairie grasses growing everywhere."

They have a compost program and a "Growing for Giving Garden." The produce is donated to the North Texas Food Bank.

"It's such a fun process 'cause we get to plant it, then we get to watch it grow... and then like we harvest it up and then when you send it off to the other people that really need it. It just makes you feel so amazing inside" said Lauren Lockhart, a third-grader.

"We have twelve rows of food that we grow and give to North Texas Food Bank. We give to network ministries which directly impacts the kids in Richardson ISD. In the last five years, we've donated almost 5,000 lbs of food," Aman said.

You can bet your farm these kids are having a great time learning and helping those in need.