Kidd’s Kids: 13-year-old Abby doesn’t let anything set her back, including cerebral palsy

13-year-old Abby Ashcraft found out she is going to Disney World as part of Kidd's Kids teen trip this year, and she has some big plans.

"Hopefully riding a roller coaster. In the front seat. I'm not even kidding," she told morning dose's Courtenay DeHoff. Abby may suffer from cerebral palsy, but it's obvious that isn't going to slow her down and her mom Bobbie says this is a dream come true.

"I'm really excited for Abby and I'm going to try not to cry," said Bobbie. "It's just really exciting and I'm thankful."

And after hearing Abby's story, it's obvious why her mom is a little emotional. When Abby was 9-months-old, they noticed her eye crossing a bit. Thinking she'd been stung by a bee, they went to the hospital. After a CAT scan, she was told to she'd need brain surgery immediately.

Thankfully, Abby didn't need brain surgery, but they did discover she had brain damage.  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she has never been able to walk.

Her mom says she's a trooper. "She humbles me daily" she says.

Abby is definitely fearless and her cerebral palsy doesn't set her back. She's even bungee jumped before!

Abby says "I bungee jump, I ride roller coasters."

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