“Keep America American” signs ripped off Lewisville property

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LEWISVILLE-- Unwelcoming invitations were put up all around Lewisville.

"They were posted on a couple of light posts. We have a couple of poster marquees for several of our city events," Matt Martucci with the City of Lewisville said.

The signs, urging people to report illegal immigrants didn't sit well with residents.

"You always see that stuff on the news like, elsewhere. Then, like, when it hits home, it's a whole different kind of feeling. It's like disappointment," resident Adonis Carcamo said.

"Her instinct was to rip it off and throw it away. I was like, 'wait!'. We need to document this so, I took a picture of it and posted it to the City of Lewisville page."

The post on the city's Facebook page received dozens of comments; many of which were in agreement that the fliers should be taken down.

Beyond being offensive, they're actually illegal.

"They're in violation because they're posted on public property but they're also posted on, most cases, an electrical right of way," Martucci said.

Punishing the flier-posting Houdini might be a tough take down.

"The trick to that is, we have to catch them actually putting the sign up. If that's the case, they'll be issued a citation. It's basically a fine to make sure they don't do it again," Martucci said.

While they may never find out who done it, the signs had a funny way of making Lewisville feel more like home.

"I've never felt more empowered and safe in my own town because that post was nothing but positive--like positivity," Carcamo said.

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