One DFW chiropractor is here to put the spring back in your pet’s step!

DALLAS - There's one doc in the DFW who's making sure your pets can get the spring back in their step!

"I think if more people knew about chiropractic care, they would try that first, as opposed to surgery," said Parker University veterinarian, Dr. Gene Giggleman.

You probably knew that  you could call a chiropractor to help get the kink out of your neck, but your furball can too!

"People would come here all the time and say, 'I didn't even know you even existed, and now I've had to have surgery on my animal or something else done.'"

Dr. Giggleman is the small animal whisperer, and he's been adjusting pets in North Texas for quite a while now.

"I was a faculty member here, took some courses, on campus-human courses-extrapolated back to my animals, and the first animal I adjusted was back in 1992," Giggleman said.

Safe to say the first adjustment with Sparky was a success!

"In all the years I've adjusted animals, I've never had a fractured neck, I've never had anything like that," Giggleman said.

Since then, Doc's helped a long list of animals that includes cats, raccoons, chickens, hamsters, and snakes.

"Have them examined early on, start chiropractic care early, try to maintain a normal healthy spine, versus fixing a problem as it arises," Giggleman said.