‘Big Mama’, the Whataburger duck, is holding down one Dallas parking lot to protect her eggs!

DALLAS- Turns out, Whataburger's 24/7 hospitality doesn't just apply to humans!

"I think I'm gonna name her 'Big Mama,' cause Big Mama will not leave her babies," one Whataburger employee said.

For three weeks, rain or shine, Big Mama The Whataburger Duck, has been posted up in the fast food parking lot on Highway 12 & Webb Chapel nesting her eggs.

The Whataburger team has been looking after Big Mama, making sure she's protected.

"A lot of people a lot of times they don't even come in," employees said. "They just drive by to see the duck, and take pictures of the duck."

Big Mama's been hanging in the parking lot for a while, but the tasty team that knows her best doesn't think this girl will be leaving anytime soon.

Better go grab a honey butter biscuit and a selfie before Mother's Day!