Senator John McCain: reflecting on his life

Senator John McCain reflecting on his life and the country as he battles brain cancer. Those close to him say he's feeling a mixture of emotions, hopes and concerns.

McCain's autobiography is set to be released in just two weeks, and as that date inches closer, excerpts from the book are being revealed.

The one catching attention seems to be a regret from the past.

McCain reportedly wishes he had never picked former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running mate for his unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign.

According to the New York Times, he wanted then Senator Joe Lieberman for the Vice President job, but was advised against it, which McCain calls a mistake on his part.

In the book, McCain calls Palin, "popular and accomplished reformer," but says there were some problems.

McCain's words have garnered close to 300,000 posts, comments, and shares. The majority of which are negative towards his thoughts.

Sources say McCain's reflection on life is not easing his attitude towards President Trump, either.

Reports say he does not want Trump at his funeral and is asking the White House to send Vice President Mike Pence instead. Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, however, are being asked to deliver eulogies.

Still, in his memoir, Senator McCain makes a last stand for civility saying he'd like to see our nation recover the sense that we are more alike than different, since, according to the Times, he worries the United State's reputation is being tarnished amid political discord.

Despite the troubles, McCain's son-in-law says he's grateful for his 31 years serving the country.

"In his case, he's lived the life over and over again enough for five or ten different people," he said. "He's had a pretty amazing run. The fact is he's very grateful for the chances and the fortune that he's experienced in life. He's reflecting at the end on a lot of different things. And, we just appreciate the fact that we've had such a good time to be able to spend with him in this moment and again we appreciate all the support"

A documentary on McCain's life is in the works at HBO. It's said to provide an unprecedented look at his daily life in Washington and at home in Arizona.

No premiere date is set just yet.