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Boy comes back to life after parents sign organ donor papers

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This is a story that can truly only be called a miracle.

An Alabama boy came back to life after his parents signed the paperwork to donate his organs.

13-year-old Trenton McKinley was riding in a small utility trailer being pulled by a dune buggy when his friend suddenly braked, causing the trailer to flip. Trenton landed on concrete and the trailer landed on his head, fracturing his skull in seven places.

"He was dead a total of 15 minutes and when he came back they said he would never be normal again," Trenton's mom said. "They told me the oxidation problems would be so bad to his brain that he would be a vegetable even if he made it."

For the next several days, Trenton was brain dead and barely breathing. His parents decided to sign organ donation papers since five kids needing organs matched their son. But, a day before the doctors were set to pull the plug, Trenton started showing brain activity.

"There's no other explanation but God, there's no other way. Even doctors said it, Trenton said."

Trenton is making strides every day, slowly but surely. He's already been through three brain surgeries and has only half his skull right now. The rest is frozen at the hospital and will be reconnected soon.

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