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Rallies for and against gun laws flood Dallas streets during NRA convention

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DALLAS-- Gun-toters united on day two of the National Rifle Association's convention with several speakers including NRA leaders.

"Our youth today are used to having answers right away. Technology has given them that tool. You can download a song, you can download a video in minutes. They don't have patience enough to wait for a year or two; for you to make up your mind," Manuel Oliver, father of a Parkland shooting victim said.

"You take a population of people who are ignorant about what gun safety is, what hunting is, what feeding your family and protecting your family is, and you apply ignorance towards that conversation, the counter to it never shows much reason," radio talk show host, Larry Stevenson said.

"We love the second amendment. We love our guns. Not all of us, but a lot of us are gun owners but we also support the first amendment. They absolutely, 100%, have the right to speak out here today and so do we," Jason Van Dyke of the Proud Boys said.

The end of day two wraps up with country music artist Travis Tritt. While the party is indoors, the real show is outdoors as rallies for and against gun control fill the streets and sidewalks.

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