Blocks away from NRA convention, small group gathers to fight for stricter gun laws

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DALLAS- The Texas Gun Sense team was out at Dallas City Hall, making sure the victims of gun violence, still have a voice.

The family of Joe Perez Jr., a 20-year-old who was killed in the Waffle House shooting, joined a small, but determined group in the rain this morning to ask for stricter gun laws.

"It hurt," his uncle said. "It still does. I don't think that'll ever go away."

Less than mile away from where the president and an estimated 80,000 people are in town for the NRA convention, these students, religious leaders, and families are asking to meet somewhere in the middle.

"The last thing this would be about is 'We want take your guns,'" said Ed Scruggs from Texas Gun Sense. "We respect the Second Amendment. We support the right for people for people to own guns in the home for's just the fact that we need some common sense regulation."

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