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Shielding Students: Bulletproof bulletin boards could keep students safe

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Sullivan, MO-It's scenes like Parkland that have prompted a small Sullivan, Missouri company to say something more must be done to protect students.

What they came up with is a bullet proof classroom shield.

“They sit in the classroom and they appear to be a part of the furniture and part of the classroom,” said Paul Alexander from Executive Wood Products.

These 4 by 6 rolling walls function as a bulletin board on one side.

“They can put posters anything on this tactable surface as you can see and a white board on the other,” said Alexander.

Now the teacher can use this however and do what she needs to do,” he said.

But in the event of an active shooter, they stop bullets.

Executive Wood Products in Sullivan, Missouri is the largest supplier of ballistic resistant lecterns and furniture for the government.

“It occurred to me that why would we build anti-ballistic products for public spaces only and not for schools,” added Alexander.

The panels weigh 400 pounds but move easily.

Multiple panels can be stacked to provide a larger safe area.

But that`s not the only type of design out there, a Utah company, Shelter in Place, can keep kids out of harm’s way with safe rooms.

The cost of this type of technology has a lot of people wondering how school districts would come up with the money.

We did some math and at a cost of about $1,000 per student that would cost Dallas ISD nearly $158 million and Houston ISD over $214 million.

Keeping our kids safe may come at a high cost, but a better question is can we afford not to?

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