Kidd’s Kids creates worry free Teen Trip for 16-year-old with terminal illness

Sixteen-year-old Makailyn Hunt had no idea she would be selected for the 2018 Kidd's Kids Teen Trip. 

 “I didn't think that we were going to. I thought this was just a backup plan so whenever I found out I was really excited,” Makailyn said.

Makailyn suffers from cystic fibrosis which affects the lungs.

“Well I mean it's a terminal illness so and there is no cure,"  she said. "I don't know I'm just really hopeful that a cure will come out...if they do that would be really exciting.”

The Kidd's Kids Teen Trip is a great opportunity for Makailyn and her mom, Katie, is so grateful.

“I mean she's been through so much and I hate it," Katie said. "So any chance that any kind of happiness can come to her makes me happy for her and then we all get to benefit too.”

And, it's even more special because Katie remembers when Kidd Kraddick started Kidd's Kids, bringing this experience full circle.

“I've always loved Kidd Kraddick," Katie said. "I think it's awesome how he made the promise and his daughter is taking over. I remember him talking about her as a kid.” 

 For Makailyn, her cystic fibrosis is always top of mind. 

“Recently she's been talking about how she doesn't want to have kids because she'll die before them," Katie said. "For me to know she's thinking that way really breaks my heart.”

But, thankfully for Makailyn and her family, Kidd's Kids is all about creating a worry free vacation.

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