Spoiler alert: Are there wedding bells for Dallas CEO starring on reality TV show?!

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DALLAS-- Do you hear that? What`s that sound? Wedding bells?

Well, not sure about all that. However, we are now able tell you how a Dallas based love story ends!

Remember the beginning?

Local CEO, Stephanie Johnson starred in Lifetime reality show, Love at First Flight.

It`s a show where strangers are paired, then travel around the country together. If they fall in love after all that stress, they can get married at their final destination.

Stephanie was paired with a man named Michael. The two got a little sassy in the show, and connected really well.

On Tuesday, the season finale aired.

Warning, spoiler alert if you`re not caught up!

Michael confesses his feelings for Stephanie... and she agrees.

But, then he says this...

You could see the shock on Stephanie's face.

While they were no wedding bells for the couple at the end of the show, the two will continue their relationship off screen.

Sounds like a happy ever after to us!

You can watch the behind the scenes stuff on Stephanie's YouTube channel.

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