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Dallas police are ready as NRA convention in Dallas nears

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DALLAS -- "This week the National Rifle Association will be holding their annual meeting at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center," said Paul Stokes, Assistant Chief of the Dallas Police Department.

The NRA is coming to town and the city is expected to host more than 80,000 people during the convention with the official headliners being none other than President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. With all that's happening, the Dallas Police Department is getting ready for their arrival and security is the department's main concern.

"The public safety collaboration is made up of Dallas Police Department, Dallas Fire Rescue, the Office of Emergency Management, federal, state and local law enforcement and NRA leadership."

The DPD is also expecting a protest or two.

"There are numerous protest and counter protest scheduled in and out of the convention center that we fully expect will be held in public areas," Stokes said.

NextGen, who will be rallying and marching against the NRA, said in a statement:

"At this point, the NRA does not exist to support 2nd Amendment rights. It exists to enrich the coffers of the gun manufacturers at the expense of thousands of american lives. "

Though the merits of statements like that can certainly be debated we can all agree on this, a drama free event where everyone can get along and enjoys what the city of Dallas has to offer.

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