Pilotworks offers culinary innovators in DFW the chance to jumpstart a business

DALLAS-  If you've been trying to get a culinary business off the ground, Pilotworks might just be the answer to your prayers.

"Everything that's going on in Dallas makes it prime for a place like this," said Dallas Pilotworks general manager William Judge. "We're trying to change that whole landscape by providing these shared kitchen spaces."

Pilotworks locations are popping up across the country, offering state-of-the art kitchen spaces and equipment to culinary innovators who might not be able to cough up the cash for their own spot.

"One, your food's got to taste great," Judge said. "So that's already the first challenge for most people who want to start a food business, but when you add the cost of kitchen equipment, the cost to build a commercial building space, and the cost of hiring good people, that really makes it tough.

The sites basically function as fully furnished shared cooking spaces you can rent. If you need to run in and whip it up for 3 hours, they can help!

"Our kitchen space is rentable, scaleable by the hour," Judge said. "You can start for as little as 20 dollars an hour, depending on when and how you use the kitchen space and how many hours you use per month."

Some Dallas pop up shops and food trucks are already utilizing the space. Will you be next?