Customer claims restaurant asked his party to pay before they ordered because of their skin color

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TORONTO, CANADA -- Imagine, you are out with your friends just having a good ol' time and you guys decide to stop at a Chinese restaurant to grab a bite to eat but you are asked to pay up front because of your skin color!

That`s exactly what Emile Wickham of Toronto says happened to him.

Wickhan was out celebrating his 28th birthday with four friends who are also black. They decided to stop at Hong Shing a popular restaurant but before they were able to order some of their famous deep fried spicy shrimp they were ask to pre-pay for their meals.

The server told them it was standard procedure but they asked around and found they were the only customers who had payed in advance. Wickham filed a human rights complaint and it worked! The restaurant was ordered to pay $10,000 in compensation after being found guilty of racially profiling.

Wickham went on Twitter to talk about the decision and said, "being asked if I'm happy about the decision. To be honest no, more grateful that we were heard and believed."

In their defense Hong Shing issued a statement on Instagram.

"We are deeply concerned about the situation and people affected'- it is our hope that the issue can be resolved in a way that is respectful to all involved."

If only the original transition had been handled that way respectful to all involved.

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